We are brewing five beers at the ÜberQuell. Each is different, each is special and unique. We love our five heroes so much, that we constantly expand our range of beers. Check out our Seasonals & Limiteds below.

By the way: Half of our ÜberQuell beers are poured right here at the Riverkasematten or sold for take away in a growler. The other half is being distributed to shops and restaurants which we love and cherish.


Without further ado: Our 5 HEROES! Original, Imperial Lager, Pale Ale, IPA, White IPA. Sounds great, tastes even better!

The best thing yet: Apart from the obvious: Buying our beer here at ÜberQuell, there are more and more retailers, who stock our beer. Bam!


Alc. 5% vol, 28 IBU, 11% original gravity

A discreet hint of hop, but very hip. A light tingle to banish dark thoughts. Cautiously bitter and always straight forward. In short: Our Helles is as close to original as you can get.

Lieblings Imperial Lager

Alk. 5,6% vol, 40 IBU, 13% original gravity

“Oh my god, they have Imperial Lager here? That is my favorite!” - „Oh Gott, die haben Imperial Lager hier??? Das ist mein LIEBLINGSbier! – So yes, our Lieblings Imperial Lager speaks for itself.

Palim Palim Pale Ale

Alk. 5,3% vol, 39 IBU, 12% original gravity

An English original made in Germany. We love Pale Ale and brewed it with love and passion - as we always do. Berries, oranges, toffee. Your brain goes “palim, palim” and your taste buds just party.

Supadupa IPA

Alk. 6,0% vol, 50 IBU, 14% original gravity

Be fruity. This IPA celebrates exotic flavors to the max. Forget your daily routine, enjoy the OMG moment with this “supa-dupa” beer.

World White IPA

Alk. 6,5% vol, 45 IBU, 15% original gravity

Our White IPA says hello to the world with flavors of clove and vanilla paired with subtle floral notes. The slightly strong haziness is wrapped around a fresh and magnificent body.

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By now we brew five seasonal beers here at ÜberQuell. Wait a moment. There are only four seasons? Why five Seasonals? It’s quite simple: The fifth season is bock beer time. This “Senatsbock”-tradition originates from the fifties in Hamburg where five breweries cooperated to brew a very special bock beer. Somehow the tradition faded away over time. By becoming a member of the Senatsbock e.V. (reg. association), we are upholding this tradition with seven other breweries from Hamburg. On the 25th of January we proudly present our interpretation of the “Senatsbock” at the Hamburg Historical Museum.


Our beers are limited and only available at the respective seasons.


Alk. 4,3% vol, 32 IBU, 11% original gravity

Light, zappy and refreshing with plenty of fruity notes. Accented hoppiness and an accompanying bitternes. Just like sunny spring.


Alk. 5,0% vol, 28 IBU, 12% original gravity

Very pale, tangy and zappy Wit beer with that certain something. Brewed with raw wheat, orange zest and coriander. Our version of the classic Belgian beer style.


Alk. 5,9% vol, 35 IBU, 13,5% original gravity

Plenty of green hop kinds: tradition, Herkules, Perle, Saphir and Hallertau Blanc.Once a year and early in the morning our master brewer visits his hop buddy to harvest the finest hops there are. Brewed just ours afterwards our Fresh Hop beer is born. 


Alk. 5,9% vol, 35 IBU, 14,1% original gravity

What do you get when you combine Belgian malt, intense alpine honey, a little bit of chestnut flour and English yeast? Exactly: a honey brown ale. Our amber-colored Winter Ale goes down smoothly like Winter Ale magic.


Alk. 7,7% vol, 38 IBU, 18,4% original gravity

This dark „Doppelbock“-beer combines the best of the community of the five participating breweries: The love of Hamburg and the love of craft beer, the acknowledgment to Hamburg’s tradition and the spirit of communality.


  • Fruity Flamango

    Fruity Flamango

    FRUIT ALE | 4,8% | 26 IBU

  • Schubidu


    STOUT | 7,0% | 40 IBU

  • Hypa a Double NEIPA

    Hypa a Double NEIPA

    7,4% | 40 IBU

  • Julebryg


    WINTER WARMER | 8,2% | 40 IBU

  • Duddeldu


    DOUBLE IPA | 8,5% | 45 IBU

  • QuasiMono IPA

    QuasiMono IPA

    IPA - American | 7% | 85 IBU


Find our beer here. HIER.

As important as our own beer brand is our „Neue Bierkultur“ (New Beer Culture). An association of brewers and enthusiasts originated around our general manager Dirk Schönzart, whose one and only commitment is the development of a new beer culture. And Union, BRLO, Crew Republic, Het Anker, Maisel & Friends, Stiegl, St.Barnadus and ÜberQuell.

The conventional competitiveness is a thing of the past! Today we stand for an inspiring togetherness, for genuine variety, characterful and diverse beers, which simply savor the flavor. This Way

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