ÜberQuell Brauwerkstätten

Caution, we are getting romantic now. For us here at ÜberQuell beer is not a replaceable mass-produced article. It is indeed, truly and really something very special to us. It is brewed by humans, not machines. On the contrary to the ultramodern appliances, the human being has just quite a bit more passion to passionately brew the beer we love. Nicer hands, too. In case you are asking yourself, if that is all there is to the ÜberQuell Brauwerkstätten we can proudly proclaim:

Our bottled beer is brewed by our friends at Schnitzlbaumer in Traunstein. Naturally, on identically constructed brewery equipment, according to our own recipe and meticulously examined by our master brewer. – And to be honest: There is absolutely no space here at Riverkasematten for an entire bottling plant. Here in St. Pauli we take care of the barrels, our Seasonals and all the other special beer types. Variety is the spice of life.


each Thursday

Welcome to our brewery. We tenderly call it brewery workshop, because it is our heart and soul. If you are interested in getting to know how beer is brewed, how our brewing equipment functions and why the beer we brew tastes so overwhelmingly good, you are welcome to take a tour. We will talk beer the whole time, for sure. But in the end, you can drink it, too.

Brewery tour: Each Thursday at 5 PM (max. 16 people) for 16,50 € each



Micro Brewery

The answers to all our ideas, recipes and resources lie within our brewhouse and our small brewery. Forget the “lie”, a much better word is “floating”. That is exactly what our ideas are doing: they float in our massive 1500-liter tanks. #thinktank

Even though it’s called micro, we can assure you that all in all it is quite to the max what we are doing here. We tinker around, try new things out, improve, reinvent an intensively sample the beer we brewed. – All that in full view of our guests, because the micro-brewery is open for everyone.

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