The Restaurant

Community table for 40 people,

booths and corners.

Straightforward menu,

pizza & bowls.

Beer suggestions for delicious dining.

cozy atmosphere.

Art on walls and:


Plenty of motion.

Draft and bottled beer.

Beer from friends.

Full service.


We bake our pizza the Neapolitan way. In handcrafted brick ovens from one of the last manufacturers in Naples. With prime flour from Caputo and squeezed tomatoes from Campania. We obtain our fior di latte mozzarella from the dairy farm Fior d´Agerola. Our dough rests and matures for 2-3 days to become wholesome, fluffy and light. 

Apart from topping our dough with delicious ingredients, we also like to arrange co-bakings with worldwide valued pizza gurus, who take over our ovens to present you that extra special pizza.


Music indoors, life outdoors. To put it in another way: To experience St. Pauli, the Elbe river, the ships and the atmosphere at its best: Go outside, have a seat at our terrace and just enjoy life. Order two to ten first class beers from our container bar and just take it all in.

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