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ÜberQuell Brewery

Careful, now it will be romantic! Because for us at UeberQuell beer is not an interchangeable mass product, but rather something very serious and real and truly special. Because it is something that is brewed by humans and not by machines. Because unlike all the ultra-modern equipment, people have a little more passion to brew passionately. And the more beautiful hands too. If you are now wondering if that is all that our brewing workshops are all about, we can announce full of hops and malt: We brew our bottles at our friends von Schnitzlbaumer in Traunstein. Of course according to our recipes, on the identical plant and under the watchful eye of our master brewer. And let’s face it – where else can you find a whole bottling plant in the Riverkasematten? In St. Pauli we take care of the barrels and of course the seasonals and crazy specials. Everyone needs a change.

ÜberQuell Brewing

The answers to all our ideas, recipes and raw materials lie in our brewhouse and small brewery. Where actually “swimming” would be the much better word than “lying”. Because that’s exactly what our ideas do: they float into the 1500! litre tanks. And even if it’s called Micro, we can assure you that all this is pretty maxi, what’s going on here. It will be tinkered with and tried. Tinkered and filed. Tasted and, well: tasted. And all of this in front of the big eyes of our guests – because the micro-brewery is accessible. Already very cool, right?




Ever thought about a brewery tour? If you want to know how a brewery works and why our beer tastes the way it does, you are invited to get to know it all! Take the tour, taste the beers – a beer tasting is included!

Costs: 16,50 € per person. Duration: About 60 minutes.

Current group size due to Corona: 5-15 persons. Got Interest? Just write us an E-Mail: